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EM2C laboratory is pleased to announce and invite you to participate to the 15th edition of the International Conference on Numerical Combustion in Avignon (France) on April 19-22, 2015. This conference follows a series of conferences held in Sophia Antipolis (1985), San Francisco (1987), Juan les Pins (1989), St. Petersburg Beach (1991), Garmisch-Patenkirchen (1993), New Orleans (1996), York (1998), Amelia Island (2000), Sorrento (2002), Sedona (2004), Granada (2006), Monterey (2008), Corfu(2011) and San Antonio (2013) (extended list here). 

Continuous advances in computational algorithms, hardware and software, as well as progress in chemistry description and turbulent combustion modelling, have a revolutionary impact on combustion sciences and allow to address engineering problems of increasing complexity for a wide range of applications such as propulsion and transportations, power generation, environment, waste disposals, safety (fires, explosions) or material synthesis.

The forthcoming Fifteenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion will focus on the integration of theory, modelling and numerical implementation to perform high-fidelity simulations of basic combustion physics and technological applications. Combustion and phase transition complexities lie in the large range of length and time scales introduced by chemical, geometrical and flow characteristics. Physically descriptive, efficient and accurate numerical modelling of complex reacting flows as well as the design, practical implementation and optimisation of integrated simulations, especially on massively parallel machines, are the challenges to be addressed. 


Important Dates

Opening of the conference website for submissions:

September 19th, 2014.

Deadline for submissions:

October 31st, 2014.

Notification of acceptance:

December 31st, 2014.





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The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  •  Laminar flames
  •  Kinetics, mechanism reduction
  •  Ignition, quenching
  •  Turbulent combustion
  •  Combustion dynamics and instabilities
  •  Emissions and pollution
  •  Droplets and spray
  •  Real gases, supercritical combustion
  •  Heterogenous combustion
  •  Detonation, explosions
  •  Gas turbine, engine and furnace combustion
  •  Fires
  •  Micro-combustion
  •  Supersonic combustion
  •  New combustion technologies (flameless combustion,

      clean coal technologies,...)

  •  Material synthesis
  •  Numerical methods for reacting flows and complex


  •  Software engineering for combustion applications, code


  • High-performance computing of combustion applications 

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